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Virtual Novel is an anime and visual-novel inspired experience that will redefine story-telling in VR. Build relationships with the pupils of Takayama Highschool where you've enrolled as a transfer student, and make decisions that will take you and your classmates down different paths as you all do your best to get through the school year.

Built from the ground up for VR systems like the HTC Vive, you will become the main character in the most immersive novel you've ever played. Make friends, play games, and take photos in a story that will twist and turn down different routes.

Some of Virtual Novel's core gameplay and VR features will include:

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A branching, modular story

Virtual Novel's story will take varying routes, and will feature multiple characters and endings, depending on your decisions throughout play.

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Your own, personal cellphone

You'll be equipped with a customizable in-game cellphone which can be used to send and receive texts from your classmates, as a map and guide to Takayama High, and as a camera to save your favorite memories.

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Interactive Mini-games

Take part in mini-games and quests, and build on your relationships with classmates by joining them in interactive gameplay scenes.


Built in Unreal Engine 4, Virtual Novel takes full advantage of the engine's unparalleled lighting system, moddability, and VR support. Virtual Novel is currently in development for PC, and we will be supporting the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSVR HMDs, along with full motion controller support.


Visual Novel Interaction
Courtyard Rain
Classroom Photo
Sakura Trees
Cellphone Camera
Courtyard Sunny
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Library Stairs Photo
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Takayama Sunrise
School Bike Shelter
Tennis Minigame
Tennis Minigame
Japanese Classroom


Read about our early development progress, and about some of Virtual Novel's planned features below. Head to Patreon for more current info and screenshots, and to get involved with Virtual Novel's development.


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We're an independent team of anime and VR enthusiasts, developing Virtual Novel in our personal time. You can help with development by pledging support on Patreon, where your money will contribute directly to the project.

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